Welcome to Offroadbasecap! We have created this site to highlight the really cool places we have visited, document our adventures, provide information on the gear we use, field test new toys and of course provide some beautiful pictures in high resolution that you can use as your screen savers. We will also hi-lite some of our projects and upcoming trips to not only give ideas to others but also get some feedback from our visitors. We love traveling beyond the perimeter and trekking on the fringes of civilization.  There are millions of acres outside of the cities and suburbs to explore. My hope is that we can enlighten and inspire others to pull of the beaten path!



To be totally transparent, this is a pure information site and a personal hobby site. I have no banners, no clickers, no advertising, no sponsors and no people to answer to (unlike my corporate day job!).  We are not a business and we do everything on this site out of pure enthusiasm. This allows me to pretty much post my general thoughts about things but it will NOT include politics or religion! I like to keep positive energy around me and those things are usually a de-railer. It will mean that I may be reviewing everything from a new cooler to a new rifle or a new camera to a new tire. I may also get into Zombie Apocalypse mode and share my thoughts on what to do and how to survive:) In a tasteful way of course..I digress.

Are you ready?

Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you at least enjoy the pictures, reviews and general humor I am hoping to create!


The Management


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  1. like your trailer, Just bought one and am interested in more detail about how yours is currently set up. Send me an E-mail if you’re willing to share more info and photos.

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